Seamus McGoldrick

shambles banjo

AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 5′ 10″
WEIGHT: 70kg

Shambles is from the bodyboarding mecca of Strandhill, County Sligo Ireland. After studying Physics in university Shambles got sucked into a vortex of bodyboard craziness as the Irish bodyboard scene exploded around him. He feels lucky to have been involved in the exploration of the untapped surf potential in Ireland but after roaming the west coast for many years looking for slabs he became lost and disillusioned.Luckily Shambles was picked up by Science and asked to join the team. Now he has found a purpose in his life again: Shred for Science. Shred hard.

Current ride: Launch 41″
Security: Gyroll Bicep leash
Propulsion: Delta Viper



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