2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational competitors

Posted on by Mike Stewart

Congratulations to all competitors!

This is the tentative list of riders that will be competing at the 2016 Mike Stewart Invitational at the Banzai Pipeline. If you were on the list and you no longer see your name and you still want to compete please contact us immediately alex@apbtour.com, msdhawaii@hotmail.com, craig@apbtour.com, and info@mikestewart.com.

If your name is not on the list and you would still like to compete you can enter trials, 16 Feb – 19th Feb. This will be held at Keaau’s or Sandy’s (where ever is best). 8 riders will be advancing to Pipe from Trials.

There will also be Womens, DK, and Pro Jnr. division finals held at Pipe. Earlier rounds run at trials.

The Mike Stewart Pipeline invitational and trials will be a dual sanctioned APB and Hawaii Pro Tour event.

Entry forms available now click here.

For more information please email alex@apbtour.com and info@mikestewart.com


No# Name From
APB 1 1 Jared Houston Sth Africa
APB 2 2 Pierre Louis Costes France
APB 3 3 Amaury Lavernhe Reunion
APB 5 4 Iain Campbell Sth Africa
APB 6 5 Lewy Finnegan Australia
APB 7 6 Jacob Romero Hawaii
APB 14 7 Tanner McDaniel Hawaii
APB 17 8 Sacha Damjanic Chile
APB 23 9 Jeff Hubbard Hawaii
APB 25 10 Maxime Castillo France
APB 26 11 Dave Hubbard Hawaii
APB 27 12 Nicolas Chiara Argentina
APB 30 13 Ben Player Australia
APB 32 14 Hermano Castro Brazil
alternate 15 Socrates Santana Brazil
APB WC 1 16 Guilherme Tamega Brazil
APB WC 2 17 Ryan Hardy Australia
APB WC 3 18 Andre Botha Sth Africa
APB WC 4 19 Paulo Barcellos Brazil
INVITEE 1 Dave Winchester Australia
INVITEE 2 Alistair Taylor South Africa
INVITEE 3 Spencer Skipper Hawaii
INVITEE 4 Tahurai Henry Tahiit
INVITEE 5 Davis Blackwell Australia
INVITEE 6 Magno Passos Brazil
INVITEE 7 Kainoa Mcgee Hawaii
INVITEE 8 Charly Chapelet Reunion
INVITEE 9 Angelo Faraire Tahiti
INVITEE 10 David Taurau Tahiit
INVITEE 11 George Humphries Australia
INVITEE 12 Jacob VanderVelde Hawaii
INVITEE 13 Lachlam Cramsie Australia
INVITEE 14 Shaun Pyne Australia
INVITEE 15 Rusty Friesen USA West coast
INVITEE 16 Michael Ostler South Africa
INVITEE 17 Fred Temorere Tahiti
INVITEE 18 Tim Hamilton Hawaii
INVITEE 20 Julien Miremont Tahiti
INVITEE 21 Josh Garner Australia
INVITEE 22 Nakana Rivera Hawaii
INVITEE 23 Jamie O Brien Hawaii
alternate 2 Jarret Lau Hawaii
alternate 5 Garth Macgregor Australia
alternate 6 Storm Preswich South Africa
alternate 7 Matt Meyer USA West coast
alternate 8 Ryan Sewell Australia
alternate 9 Dion Myers Australia
alternate 10 Jason Bitzer USA East coast
alternate 12 Daniel Zimbra Hawaii
alternate 14 Brian Wise Hawaii
alternate 15 Adam Keegan Australia
alternate 18 Shane Meehan Ireland
alternate 19 Gabriel Brantes Chile
alternate 20 Alex Kinimaka Hawaii
alternate 21 Billy Thiel South Africa
alternate 22 Patrick Orr Hawaii
alternate 25 Cade Sharp Australia
alternate 26 Cordon Stapp Hawaii
alternate 28 Fabio Aquino Brazil
alternate 29 Jimmy Hutaff Hawaii
HI TOUR 1 Sammy Morretino
HI TOUR 2 David Phillips
HI TOUR 3 Kahekili Labatte
HI TOUR 4 Keahi Parker
HI TOUR 5 Mack Crilley
HI TOUR 6 Will Petrovic
HI TOUR 7 Trevor Kam
HI TOUR 8 Pohaku Kekaualua
HI TOUR 9 Vijay Maharaj
HI TOUR 10 Roy Overstreet
HI TOUR 11 Matt Holzman
HI TOUR 12 Eric Tachera
HI TOUR 13 Daniel Louis
HI TOUR 14 Mark Gervacio
HI TOUR 15 Wade Asato
HI TOUR 16 Alan Lamphere
alternate Kawika Kamai
alternate Booboo Cazimero
alternate Marshall Orr