2014 APB Rookie of the Year

Posted on by Tanner McDaniel

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Tell me about the world tour in 2014?

The world tour in 2014 was a pretty surreal experience for me. At the beginning of 2014 I didn’t have any plans of competing on the whole tour so it felt really spontaneous and it was nothing I had planned for. Each event was so amazing to be apart of.

What where the highlights?

Its hard to pinpoint what was the most exciting or best part, but i’d say Arica would be at the top of the list. El Gringo was such a blast to surf and to be surfing it with the best riders in the world was just a dream come true. Competition wise Arica was also one of my best results on the Tour so that was also a big plus.

and lows?

Unfortunately with the highs also came the lows. I had a pretty shocking result in Portugal, getting knocked out early in both Mens and Junior, and thus the Junior Pro World Title slipping away from me. Portugal as a whole was an amazing experience, but my results in the comp definitely put a damper on it.

Best move you saw?

I saw Ben Player do a pretty amazing air forward out at El Gringo freesurfing.

What was it like competing against the top guys?

It was quite intimidating going up against the top guys. Especially since most of them are guys i’ve looked up to since I started bodyboarding. Other that the intimidation it was great surfing with them and every one is super cool and supportive.

Did you feel any additional pressure competing at such a young age?

I definitely feel the pressure to prove that I am ready to compete up against the top guys. As a grom on the tour I wanted to show what I’m capable of and see how I fair against the big guys.

What was it like to travel with Mike?

It was pretty awesome to travel alongside someone who has so much knowledge and wisdom about wave riding, competition, traveling, and DEFINETLY about dietary.

What did you learn?

I’ve come to realize that competition really brings out the weakest parts of my riding and how important it is to be well rounded in every aspect of wave riding. Wave selection is something that I can very much improve on in the future as well as keeping my head during a stressful heat. I’ve learned that not everything goes as planned, whether it being missed flights, lost luggage, or lack luster or shifty wave conditions. On a more positive note, i’ve learned that I can compete at this level and with a few improvements in my riding hopefully I can take it to the next level.

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