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Photo John Cruickshank

Photos John Cruickshank


Photo John Cruickshank

I have been in Australia for the last six weeks surfing and exploring around the east coast and just having a blast in general. The most recent adventures of mine have been up in Nelson Bay and Newcastle where I have been clocking in most of my water time.

I went and competed down in South Australia for the ABA Knights Beach Pro, with little luck in the comp it was still fun to surf the wave and see more of the counrty.

Post surf chills with Mr.Cruicksank Photo by Mrs.Cruickshank

Post surf chills with Mr.Cruicksank

Photo John Cruickshank

I plan on heading down to the South Coast for the final event of the ABA Tour which will be held at Mystics in early July. Should be in for a great comp!

Photo John Cruickshank

Massive thanks to Science Bodyboards, Delta Viper Surfing Fins, and Gyroll Accessories for providing me with the best gear out there as well as the backing to allow me to have such an awesome experience!

-Tanner McDaniel