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Photographer: Nathan Henshaw

Photographer: Nathan Henshaw

My Equipment:
Board: Science “Launch” 41.5″
Leash: Gyroll Bicep
Wetsuit: Gyroll springsuit/steamer

James you are one of the most technical riders in Australia at the moment whats next for you?
Hopefully push my tech surfing into some bigger/heavier waves. There are a handful of wave around the globe that I really want to surf, waves that I believe can push my limits and showcase my surfing on another level. So traveling to find sick waves and working on some exciting projects would be my aspirations at the moment.

How do you get so fricken high with your airs?
haha I’m not sure, I guess just focusing on drawing speed lines and putting in a lot of practice and training. Surfing a particular wedgy bowl around home help refine those skills. Oh and my secret weapon, the science “launch” , the fastest bodyboard known to mankind!

Best Board you have ever had and why?
The best board I have ridden would defiantly be my recent Science “Launch” board. I have been riding this shape for 6 years now and my last board was perfect. Thanks Dan.Sivess !

Favorite three hobbies when you are not Launching in the water?

  1. Hanging with the family
  2. Oztag
  3. Training

The best thing you have done in the water this last year?
On a recent trip to Indonesia, I got a few really intense wrapping air-bowls. I did probably my biggest invert ever, which threw me so far into the flats !

Whats the worst thing you did?
On the same trip to Indonesia, on my very first wave, I bottomed turned too casual and the wave caught me and landed on my legs and I got so pumped. When I watched the footage after I got pumped, that wave went so mental and barreled for about 10 seconds. I was spewing!  

Best wave you have surfed?
Rocksuck or Blackrock

What are five things the world doesn’t know about you

  1. I have a 2 year old daughter named Reiku
  2. My mum is Indonesian and my dad is Dutch
  3. I have a Bachelor of Mathematics
  4. I play oztag at national level
  5. I have never shaved my face