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Alexandra's Multi Flip Sequence

Alexandra’s Multi Flip Sequence

Tell me about your self and maybe some things that no one knows about?
I’m a very happy person who likes to be a lot with other people and have fun, but then I am a very quiet person too  who likes to be alone and think about many things: Like things I have done in the past and things that I may do or not in the future. Then I realize what a lucky person I am doing the thing I love, bodyboarding.

What was it like growing up in the Canary islands as a bodyboarder?
Growing up here is very nice because you have the best conditions to practice this sport.

Alexandra's head first cliff jump

Alexandra’s head first cliff jump

What is it like to compete against boys your age and beat them?
I really like to compete with boys because you learn a lot more than always competing with girls.

What are your favorite spots in the canary island?
Well I was living all my life in Tenerife and my favorite spot there was La Caleta, but now I’m living in Gran Canaria. I think that Frontón is going to be one of my favorites but I am looking forward to trying the other ones as well.

The best single move you did for 2013?
–  The invert and Backflip of the video from Hawaii
– The backflip in Chile
– And some backflips and air reverse at La Caleta.

What are some of your highlights of your career?
I got European champion two times, one in Open woman and the other one in Junior ladies, 2nd at the  IBA Antafogasta bodyboard festival in Chile & 10th in the ranking 2013 of the IBA World Tour.

What are your plans for 2014?
I’m going to try to do the world tour and the Europian tour too.